Monday, November 24, 2014

Latest review for Crosswinds

I just received notice of another review for Crosswinds posted on Amazon.
Here's the review:

"I love it when a book surprises me with unexpected insights and wisdom about the human condition. When a book also makes me look at my own life,'s a keeper.

"Crosswinds is a story about two men stranded in an airport because of circumstances beyond their control. The time together generates enough thoughtful energy that they eventually turn inward and recognize the only thing that they could ever control - their reaction to the events and people in their lives. And that shift in perspective makes all the difference.

"There are stories within stories that will leave you wondering about life. There are many anecdotes that seem as if they were written just for you. And there is a message of hope that will leave you smiling long after you have turned the last page.

"As a side note - this book makes a great gift to anyone who has ever served in the military. They will resonate with the stories, the images and the descriptions of military life. And they may just peek behind a door to self-awareness at the same time.

"Well done!"

Wow, what a great compliment.

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